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Graphene Heated Thermal Leggings

Graphene Heated Thermal Leggings

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Sport the latest technology in thermal wear this winter - Graphene technology! This revolutionary fabric is fast becoming a top choice for winter wear because of its phenomenal qualities. Not only is it lightweight, flexible and strong, but it can also conduct heat and electricity, making it the best choice for thermal wear. It easily withstands cold temperatures, giving you maximum comfort and warmth even in cold climates while shaping your body! Be a game-changer with this Graphene Heated Thermal Leggings!


  • Embedded in the front and back part of the waistband, the strategically placed Graphene fabric keeps your body warm without overheating
  • Due to the thermal conductive properties of Graphene, the warmth produced by the human body is preserved and distributed evenly in cold climates and allows an even body temperature during physical activity
  • The enhanced waistband stabilizes the core, supporting the lower back, and reducing back pain
  • Perfect for those who are highly sensitive to coldness or have backache problems
  • Thin layer of Graphene fabric enables breathability and also absorbs sweat easily
  • Has anti-static, antibacterial and heat-generating properties
  • Vertical lines streamline your silhouette, making you appear taller and slimmer
  • Simple yet stylish design allows for remarkable versatility, making it suitable for any occasion, from sports to everyday wear
  • Premium materials used enhance its stretchability to provide maximum comfort and prevents from awkward cameltoe or see-through moments!
  • Lightweight, form-fitting and offers four-way stretch
  • Suitable for Waist Size: 54cm - 76cm / 21.2" - 30.0" (stretchable)



Graphene Properties: 

  • Graphene comprises of a single layer of carbon atoms, making it extremely strong, light, highly flexible and conducts heat and electricity better than any other material
  • Graphene layer acts as a filter between the body and the external environment, maintaining the ideal temperature for the wearer


Graphene is the thinnest material known to the world and only one atom thick, which is a million times thinner than the diameter of a single human hair

Conductive cotton fabric printed with Graphene-based ink and an electron microscopy image of the fabric


Product Specifications:

  • Suitable for Waist Size: 54cm - 76cm / 21.2" - 30.0" (stretchable)
  • Material: Cotton and Graphene 
  • Waist length: 27cm / 10.6" (laid flat); 48cm / 18.9" (fully stretched)
  • Side length to ankle: 95cm (37.4")
  • Crotch depth: 28cm (11.0")
  • Foot length: 10cm (3.9")


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